We are proud to announce our new sponsors, La Cimbali and Lincoln & York. The duo will be working together to offer a unique coffee experience in an innovative showcase at the UK Coffee Leader Summit 2018.

From the production of its first coffee machine – the Rapida – in 1930, to winning the prestigious Compasso d’Oro prize in 1962, for its striking, minimal and modern design, La Cimbali has long been one of the great Italian innovators.

Trial and test your senses at their brand-new experiences, set to educate even the savviest of coffee connoisseurs. Here’s what they’ve got planned.


The Sensory Bar

Imagine you enter a room, knowing you’re about to embark on a journey of taste discovery. You take a seat at the bar and forget everything but your senses. Your four-part tasting experience begins with their newly created espresso Barbarella mkIV, exclusively curated for The London Coffee Festival; a fruity mix of Washed Kenyan Kathakwa Embu AA , Natural Rwandan Gatare and Washed Colombian Cauca Totoro.

Part two is about deconstruction. See, smell and taste the three individual components of Barbarella mk IV in espresso format. Then, compare the flavour development of one of the coffees served as a cold brew.

Finally sample all three of theBarbarella mk IV coffees as individual pour overs. Cimbali’s Group Coffee Specialist, Rob Ward, will lead you through the flavour journey. Ask questions, challenge presumptions and take your coffee knowledge to the next stage.

Now tell us; can you imagine a more compelling foray into the world of coffee?


The Benchmark Bar

But perhaps you something straight up? Turn, instead, to the Benchmark Bar, located just next door. This menu represents the benchmark standard of high quality coffee – deliverable even when your café is full to the brim – and you’ll have four options to choose from.

The Benchmark Blend, a chocolatey blend, of  Natural Beneficio Pedra Branca Brazilian Yellow Bourbon and  Red Honey Las Lajas Finca Sebana Redonda Costa Rican beans, and the same fruity  Barbarella mk IV  that’s deconstructed in the Sensory experience above. The former is served long, and the latter short; choose each either with or without milk and leave with the perfect cup.