UK Coffee Leader Summit 2019 Sponsors



We are proud to announce event sponsors, La Cimbali, Lincoln & York and Easy Food. The trio will be working together to offer a unique coffee menu experience at the UK Coffee Leader Summit 2019.

About La Cimbali 

Cimbali is the largest commercial coffee espresso and cappuccino machine manufacturer in the world and is active in 100 countries around the globe. The Cimbali brand is known for quality and innovation and we are very proud of our rich heritage which extends over 100 years.

We offer a comprehensive range of top quality equipment which delivers consistent in cup quality across the speciality coffee menu. The range extends from traditional espresso machines to feature rich superautomatics each designed to meet the varying needs of the market.

Cimbali design engineers strive to innovate the market incorporating patented technologies which help improve machine performance and reliability whilst delivering optimum taste and quality.

Our customer base extends from independent specialist coffee shops, retail, food service to non-specialist quick serve operations in the out of home, hotel, leisure, business and commerce sectors.

Cimbali is proud to partner with some of the biggest names in the UK retail and HORECA industries, each one with its own distinctive high demand for uncompromising coffee quality and service


About Lincoln & York 

Lincoln & York is one of the UK’s leading private label coffee sourcing, roasting and packing specialist whose white-labelled coffee is sold to 300 customers across UK & Europe. Lincoln & York is on a mission to help Britain drink better coffee, and not just at the premium end of the market. Since 1994, Lincoln & York has been working behind the scenes to deliver bespoke products to customers in the UK and EU.


About Easyfood

DanishBakery is a part of Easyfood A/S, Denmark’s largest producer of convenience products. Easyfood is an authorised organic food manufacturer and certified in accordance with FSSC 22000, globally recognised as the highest standard in food safety. Products include unique cinnamon buns, snack bars, panini sandwiches, breadsticks – complete packages and grab-and-go solutions for convenience stores, cafés and coffee shops.We are different from the others. We follow a design approach and methods in our product development.

We always have the customer and consumer in mind when we investigate what needs and wishes you have, and we therefore follow a design approach as an innovation method. The method is based on a designer’s way of drawing inspiration, generating ideas, and developing and creating. We have set this toolbox within our own context and use it to understand, develop and lead.

One of the key tools from our design mindset is a continual curiosity and desire to understand the challenges and the future we face. It is important to be bold and dare to remain on uncertain ground until we actually understand the problem. If you start generating ideas too quickly, you end up solving the wrong problems. One of the key elements of the design approach is to focus on the user and their underlying human needs. When we begin to understand them and actually go out and speak with them, we can move from simply creating products to creating solutions and entire packages that add much more value for everyone.