Lincoln & York

Lincoln & York are one of the UK’s leading private label coffee roasters, supplying over 300 customers in 10 countries across Europe. Established in 1994, we have been sourcing, roasting and packaging coffee from over 40 origins to deliver completely bespoke products to customers for 25 years.

As one of the UK’s largest coffee roasters, we are the discrete manufacturers behind hundreds of coffee blends across the UK and Europe, working with customers to provide products tailored to commercial requirements and the constantly evolving consumer trends.

At Lincoln & York we are constantly striving to advance and champion innovation and heritage in the coffee industry, through bringing exciting new blends and processes to the forefront of the sector.

Ultimately, our mission is to become the UK coffee roaster of choice for the out of home market and be the face and voice of private label coffee.

Our fruitful growth within the coffee industry allows us to foster a working environment that stimulates development of our employees, whilst we continue to find new and improved ways of sustainably sourcing our coffee.

As coffee continues to be the world’s drink of choice, our passion for roasting coffee will continue driving us to master each individual blend to perfection.